The Leleu Company

Industrial business based in the north of France, the Leleu company specialises in the manufacturing of steel metallic ties for the strapping of waste balers, originating from selective sorting (textile, plastic, paper,…).

Main consumable of the press balers, the links are obtained by unwinding, straightening and moulding in loop form to tip.

Depending on the nature of the press used, the metal wire can be presented in the form of quick-link, eyelet links, cut-lengthbobbins or rosettes.

We sell and deliver all over France, as well as throughout Europe, Magreb, Africa.

We offer different combinations of material (annealed wire, hard steel wire, galvanised steel) and of diameter, from 1 to 5.5mm.

There are several different types of conditions possible which allows us to adapt to your needs. On pallets, wound, folded,… Please see product pages.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for all price enquiries, timeframes and delivery information.

As well as being steel wire specialists for balers, Leleu SAS, with it’s 150 years of experience is known as a key player in the building industry. We are also manufacturers of metal framework.